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  • St. Mary Magdalene flocknotes

    • A reminder that Adoration participants and those interested in joining Adoration will be meeting Tues. at 6:30-9:00 pm in St.Joseph Hall. If you are new to our ministry or thinking of...
    • Dear Parishioners,  The website is currently down due an outage from the service provider that runs our web page.  The issue is being worked on but the webpage will not be up and running...
  • Subscribe to flocknote!

    Flocknote has been added as a way to communicate within our parish community!  It allows you to subscribe/unsubscribe to various “lists” that you are interested in following.  The lists are growing, so check it out for lists you are interested in or lists you’d like to suggest.  Note: if you chair a ministry, this is a great way to communicate with your members.
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  • Proud to be Pro Life!

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  • 12 Day Pilgrimage

    To the Holy Land and Rome with Fr. Tony.  (November 4 - 15, 2018).  Contact Fr. Tony for more information!